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Give us a Call Today 0491 180 575 SMS or Email Focused. Efficient. Confident. Introducing John Brennan Pool & Spa Services. John is all about the Service to You. Nearly 20 years pooling around thru Queensland , Northern Territory and New South Wales, from...

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Green Pool

How to Clean a Green Pool Watch a Youtube clip and learn how to clean a green pool yourself  A Green Pool is easy to correct If correcting that green pool seems like to much effort or work. You just want to relax, take a swim and have someone else do it for you

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Pool Calculator

The Pool Calculator can be used for the volume of your pool, and how much of each chemical to add, after your water is tested.

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The Importance of Pool Water Quality Swimming Hygiene Pool water quality helps protect yourself and other swimmers from germs, here are a few easy and effective steps all swimmers can take each time we swim:Keep the pee, poop, sweat, and dirt out of the water! Stay...

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General Pool Services Pool Services we offer Maintenance Services We offer a complete range of maintenance and servicesOther Services if you need it done…… talk to John Brennan Pool & Spa Services

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Pool and Spa Service, Cleaning, and Repair Call Us Today 0491 180 575Relax and enjoy your Pool. We will Take Care of everything Call Us Today 0491 180 575We can Repair, Replace, or Install any Swimming Pool equipment Call Us Today 0491 180 575Our RoleTo Clean your...

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