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Pool Calculator Q & A

The Pool Volume Calculator is meant to be an estimate only and is close enough to be used for the Chemical Calculator. The slight difference created by the estimate will be absorbed by the recommended range for each level.


1. What chemicals do I add to my pool ?
Alk (sodium bicarbonate), Calcium (calcium chloride), Salt (sodium chloride), acid (hydrochloric acid), Chlorine, Sunscreen (Cyanuric acid) and Algaecides


2. How do I add chemicals to my pool ?
If in dought, add slowly at the return. The high flow of water returning to the pool will mix the chemicals throughout the pool the fastest.


3. What order do I add chemicals to my pool ?
It is not so much the order, but the speed and time between adding each chemical. allow a minute or two between each adition.


4. How do i balance pool water ?
Test the water. This gives you the level of each chemical in the water. Then compare to the recommended levels and get the differences. Add each chemical accordingly. Retest


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