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SALTMATE Saltwater Chlorinators

RP20 (-> 40k), RP30 (-> 80k), RP40 (-> 120k) Liters. Recommended sizes by JB

Designed and manufactured for Australian conditions

Saltmate saltwater chlorinators are designed to save the pool owner time, money and effort while setting new standards in terms of materials, quality and functionality.

If the prospect of never having to fuss with the hassles of chlorine or cell cleaning again isn’t enough to make you a Saltmate Deluxe Auto Clean Chlorinator fan think of this;  No more red eyes, no more skin irritation and no time lost due to high chlorine concentrations – just soft, safe, sparkling pool water for you and your family to enjoy.

The Deluxe Auto Clean Saltwater Chlorinator range has been designed and constructed in Australia specifically to be weather protected to an I.P 34 rating with a water resistant robust metal casing to ensure that it will withstand the harsh outdoor climate.

Saltmate saltwater electrolytic cells are constructed with premium grade high production material and are designed with high flow rate parallel solid plate. The cell reverses polarity to inhibit calcium build up and keep maintenance to an absolute minimum.

All Saltmate saltwater chlorinators can be installed onto new or existing pools without the need to change any other filtration equipment and are also compatible with mineral salt blends.


recommended for pools 40k – 80k Liters

$ 1200


Product Features

  • Self Cleaning Cell
  • Set and Forget Timer
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Mineral Salt Compatible
  • Adjustable Chlorine Control
  • Chlorine Output Monitor
  • Water Resistant Casing
  • High Production Cell
  • Resettable Circuit Breaker
  • Oversalt Protected
  • Overload Protected
  • High Output Cell Material
  • High Flow Rate
  • Cell Safety Gas Trap
  • Cell on/off Switch
  • Flow Sensitive Switch
  • Optional Battery Backup
  • Optional Light Transformer

Two year full warranty on powerpack and electrolytic cell followed by a further three years pro rata warranty on electrolytic cell.