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The Need to Clean a Spa

We use Poppits brand degreaser. This is what Poppits have to say.

The problem:

Spa’s circulate water through pipes with the assistance of a pump and a booster heater.

Body fats, together with soap residue and other products such as aromatherapy oils become deposited on the insides of the piping system which blocks off the supply of water to the outlets and are also a hygiene problem.

Apart from the grease from previous users, this debris is also a harbourage for the survival of bacteria such as Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus, which can be associated with ear, eye, hair follicle and wound infections

Circulating the water by itself does not usually remove this material, a degreasing solution must be used to remove these fats and oils.

The solution:

There are commercially formulated degreasing solutions specifically manufactured for use in spa baths

When circulated according to manufacturer’s directions, these should remove all fats and debris that are adhered to the piping and deposit the debris in the bath to be drained away.

This debris is normally brown in colour, and you may be surprised when you use a spa cleaner at the amount of debris which can accumulate in the piping system.

Choose a degreaser that also has a sanitising action so that the pipes remain hygienically clean until the spa is used again.

Degrease your spa bath regularly so that your clients or family can be assured that their use of the spa bath is an enjoyable and hygienic experience

Spa Conversion

No More Chlorine

It’s an easy to use chlorine-free sanitising system that’s perfect for those suffering from allergies or living with Asthma. It’s great news for those suffering from eczema, and creates a more pleasurable swimming experience.

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